Thursday, August 21, 2008

Waiting for Me in Finland

These two lovely swap quilts were waiting for me when I arrived home in Finland! The first is by Imi in the Netherlands for the Summer Four Seasons Swap. I love the center stitchery, the colors, and the handquilting throughout. The second is from Teresa in Wales from the "Another Little Quilt Swap" with a great mix of colors and more impressive handquilting! Thanks to them both!

Monday, August 18, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation...

While teaching an awesome group of Korean primary school English teachers at the University of Montana for a month, I found very little time for crafty endeavors, but I do have a few small finishes to report on as I return the world of blogging as summer draws to an close. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by - I head back to Finland tomorrow!

The knitting continues:
I finished the slippers and am almost finished with my first pair of mittens! I used Järbo Lovikka yarn and combined their online Lovikka mitten pattern and the one in Robin Hansen's children's book Sunny's Mittens.

On the swap front:
For the July version of the 6-12" mini quilt swap, I sent both of these to different destinations in Washington State.

In return, I was very lucky to receive these two little beauties (on the left, from SheltonDHW, and on the right, from Alicia). Thanks!!

I also sent off another one of the strawberry series to Gina in Wales for the Miniature Booty Swap II.

Finally, here are the pillows I made for my mom in July. I'm hoping to add a few more to the collection in the future - maybe for holiday gifts!

I hope everyone out there (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) has had a good summer and I promise to get back to posting more regularly very soon!