Monday, March 05, 2012

A New Life for Old Chairs

I bought some fabric last week for a quilting project, but have still been busy with non-quilty, but fabric-involved projects. In December and again last week, I helped friends to recover old chairs with new fabric. What a quick, satisfying project! I still remember the first time I recovered chairs; I was 13, home sick from school, and recovered the kitchen chairs with my mom. Those chairs have probably had half a dozen new fabrics on them since then, but are still in everyday use at her house in Maine! The chairs above live in Germany and across the street from me in Vaasa.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


It was a gorgeous sunny day here in Vaasa today, so I really enjoyed the walk to and from the weaving studio, despite the treacherous icy sidewalks. Here are the two churches I passed on the way...

Arriving at my destination...

The fabrics I showed here a few weeks ago are slowly turning into a new rug. The colors matched the promise of spring the weather brought!