Thursday, April 30, 2009

My First Round Robin

I'm participating in the 3rd Spring Fling Round Robin, my first round robin. It's organized by - the very organized - Margaret.

We can't show the centers until the final reveal and are trying to hide anything that might give it away, as well, so here is a rather boring photo of the center and first border that I have sent onwards. There are some very nice spring fabrics in the center! This was a great chance to try out my new bias tape tool, too.

Here is the center +1 border (colors hidden) that I received this week in the mail. The tiny triangles are fantastic. I'll need to think a little about what will compliment this!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Marimekko Wedding Quilt

Last week when I participated in the online quilt festival, this quilt wasn't finished, but the final stitches were sewn on the train to Moscow last Thursday night and even in the hotel there! This is my new favorite quilt to share, but I can't wait until the second annual online event! It's made of all Marimekko fabrics (including the binding) from my February shopping spree (with Kona white around the blocks - and some random non-Marimekko pieces on the back), totals 89"x89", and has cotton/bamboo batting. It's the largest quilt I've ever quilted on my Bernina - and only the second double/queen-sized quilt I've ever finished. I have a few other Marimekko projects underway and hope to have photos here soon!

The wedding itself was fabulous - my oldest friend and his terrific new wife. I can't even begin to describe it. In summary: fabulous people, friends new and old; ridiculous amounts of champagne, vodka, caviar, and Lays potato chips; photos in Red Square; rented minibuses and wedding traffic; Ave Maria and the Hora. Think the USSR meets Vegas meets Massachusetts.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Quilt Festival!

Through Clare's blog I found out about this cool online event organized by Park City Girl. I hope you'll join, too!

It was really hard to decide on a favorite to share, but this is what I settled on. It snowed here yesterday - a shock to my system after the 20+C weather I had the past two weeks - so I thought this quilt was the burst of color I needed this morning! I made this for high school friends' baby in Hong Kong back in the summer of 2007. Here's the original post from when I finished it and here is a little tutorial about how I put it together. Baby Bird is waiting for a baby brother or sister now! Better get started on the next one!

I'm looking forward to surfing around later to see the other quilts!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grüße aus der Frühling

Heading back north today after two weeks in the warmth and sunshine of 'southern' Europe and realized I haven't posted in ages! I've finished up a pair of socks and a pair of slippers, and I'm looking forward to doing some sewing in the next week (a wedding gift and a birthday present). In the meantime, some photos from my adventures in Wales, France, and Germany!