Thursday, May 08, 2008


I haven't tried this before, but I thought I'd give it a try! I would really like to make some more little butterflies out of this fabric:

It's from the Alexander Henry Vienna collection. EQuilter has just one yard left (I'm not as crazy about the pinker version of the same thing), but if I order it, I will pay more for the shipping than I will for the fabric itself and that just seems silly. I wonder if there is any chance that someone out there might have it (or might be placing an EQuilter order already and it wouldn't add to the shipping costs). I had a quarter (half?) yard of it and used it for this mini quilt. The butterfly was made out of small scraps from my scrap bin.

I'd be willing to swap a mini quilt in the vein of this, this, this, or this for a yard or two of the fabric. Any takers?


Helen said...

Nothing in my stash unfortunately. I'm sure someone out there will have it!

Nines said...

Good luck on finding a match! It'll be a good trade for them!

Sarah Nopp said...

ooo- nice stuff! I wonder if that shop down the way has any of it. I will take a look and email you if she has any.