Thursday, May 07, 2009

Donau so blau, so blau!

Blue seems to be the color of the day, but I'm not feeling particularly blue.

I took a few steps towards starting a new baby quilt and did some more knitting. The quilt will be made using this great triangle-free zigzag pattern; the socks are Thujas and the scarf is this super quick gathered pattern for the scarves Ruth is collecting for charity.

Here's a photo 2,544.8 kilometers from the mouth of the Danube (Donau) (taken near Gundelfingen, Germany at Eastertime). I should unearth some photos taken at the mouth in Romania one of these days!


Ruth's Place said...

Oh, I love the blues in the baby quilt, and the scarf looks great. I'm off to check out that pattern link. Thank you!

julieQ said...

Blues, lovely blues! Very pretty projects.

laura west kong said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Those are some wonderful blues! =(^_^)=

Clare said...

That photo is amazing. Can't believe the Danube is that long.

Wonderful blues.