Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I received a lot of creative and creativity-feeding gifts over the holidays and thought I'd post some of the most photogenic items here.

First off, the talent! Mittens from a friend in Vaasa, socks from my neighbor (my partner in the 9 in 2oo9 sock project!), and socks from my mom. They're all so different and lovely! The card my neighbor made was fantastic, as well!

Here are a few other favorite gifts from a friend who was in Kenya for work. The pillowcases and luggage tag are both from Kenya Kanga and the bag and pincushion are from Amani Africa. I also received wooden knitting needles from India and knitting needle holders from Vietnam from another friend. Can't wait to start a shawl/poncho thing with these needles!

Last, but not least, a yarn holder from a friend's father! This is just perfect for Novita Nalle and Seven Brothers yarns!

I'm so thankful for all my gifts - especially for the handmade ones and the ones that help to inspire my crafty creativity!

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Ruth's Place said...

Lovely gifts!

I've never seen a yarn holder like that, what a wonderful idea!