Sunday, January 30, 2011

One of My Favorite Bloggers...

A friend passed on a blogging award to me this week (she's also having a give-away to celebrate two years of blogging), and I thought I would use the chance to mention two of my very favorite bloggers who have recently published books! I was very excited to receive both in the mail this week and am using the occasion to finally get back to sewing again! I'll dedicate a post to each of them this week.

Tonya was one of the very first bloggers I "met" online back in 2006. We even had the chance to meet in person in Paris in 2008! I joined one of her very first online classes, and receiving her book this week inspired me to return to one of the projects I started in that class in the fall of 2007. That's a long time to let something marinate, and I might do things differently now (like using a bit more contrast between the background and the letters or leaving out the really dark green letters), but I'm happy with the finished top and binding (below). I hope to have it basted very soon.

As always, thanks Tonya and everyone else whose use of Tonya's unruly letters have inspired me over the past few years.


Andrea said...

Nice to hear from you - hope you're well. I have this book on order and am really looking forward to getting it. I've never done wonky letters before. Well done on digging out your project x

Tonya Ricucci said...

you're welcome! still love those wonderful fish you created. it's fun! and yeah, I have a whole lot of those quilts with the so-so contrast. you learned about it much quicker than I did!

Kim said...

Okay so who was the other blogger?

Tonya and ???

Love your city name quilts.....I've visited some of those places :0) but you have had some real travels!

Happy Sewing