Monday, March 07, 2011

Tiny Letters

These letters are pretty small (the skinny bits are 1/4" finished), and I'm not quite sure what happened with the G, but hopefully it adds character. I hope having a variety of sizes will help when I cobble all the places together. I've been saving the extra bits of fabric to help make everything fit. Maybe I'll be doing that this weekend?!


Brenda said...

great letters and the G makes it more interesting. I've been watching you make this quilt for...well, would it be years? care to make just one letter for me? I'd like a capital B from my friends out there in blogland. check it out at

Clare said...

I love the G.

One thing I've learnt about letters is non-conformity. I love making my letters dance. Do you remember Holly once got us thinking about semophore/matchstick people. Goodness I miss her.

Oh and "supti" is a good one!

Tonya Ricucci said...

G is my favorite letter too! love the skinny letters. oh yeah, also miss Holly. sigh.