Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before and After

Last week I went to a few flea markets with two friends. I came home with a few treasures and rescued a quilt top. It was a pretty homely looking quilt top (although it photographed quite well here!). Mixed types of fabrics, uneven seams, a few bumps so that it didn't quite lie flat, neon green thread, but the colors were fun, and it looked so sad there that I couldn't leave it behind.

I had just realized a few days before that I was lacking a good picnic blanket. Voila! I added the two rows of 9.5" finished string blocks (foundation pieced on muslin, as the original was foundation pieced on a variety of similarly colored fabrics) and used a large piece of fabric I'd bought at the Finlayson outlet in Tampere a few years ago for the back. The finished picnic quilt is approximately 52"x77". The binding is a repurposed pillowcase. I didn't use any batting here; I assumed the extra layer(s) of fabric from the foundation piecing was enough weight. I also tied this quilt with pearl cotton as there was no way to make the original blocks lie flat without taking the whole thing apart. This is only the second quilt I've tied - it's more work than I thought!

I did another quick makeover project this week, as well. My ironing board cover was disgusting. (I'm almost too embarrassed to post a photo here.) I didn't care too much how it looked from the underside, so this took no more than 20 minutes to whip up! This new cover made ironing the string blocks much more fun!


Dolores said...

What a great save on that quilt. I like the fabric on your new ironing board cover but personally, I prefer the teflon. I found that fabrics 'stick' to fabric covers. Perhaps I'm too old fashioned. I don't really iron much.

Anonymous said...

Now the rescued quilt looks great! Looking forward to going on a picknick with you again!
Love the ironing board cover, too! :-)