Monday, February 20, 2012

A Colorful Weekend

Despite some very grey and windy weather (and a little snow), I had a colorful weekend! I met with two friends to have an indoor knitnic (we started the tradition last summer). The 48 squares for the first of our three collaborative afghans are finished and ready to be crocheted together! You can read more about our projects here.

I also spent some time on two weaving projects, cutting up these old sheets and curtains to become a rug and tying the fringe on an earlier project. I'm trying to keep busy while waiting for my next turn on a loom.

I'm also taking a class to learn to weave baskets out of recycled materials. We've used newspaper, wallpaper, magazines, and fabric so far. A couple years ago, reusing coffee bags was very trendy here, and I've finally pulled mine out to wash, cut, and sew, in hopes of weaving a couple of baskets out of them. The prep work is taking much longer than expected, though! (My feline visitor is also back - and caught the mouse that had been plaguing my apartment. Good boy!)

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ruthsplace said...

You are making some lovely projects. Can't wait to see how the coffee bag weaving turns out.