Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Green and Purple (and Home Sweet Home)

My trip to England last week was great: a little work, a little play; old friends and new ones, too; and green, green grass and a big-city-fix (do wish one were a little closer at times).

I'll start out with the new friends bit. While in Exeter, I was able to get up to Taunton to meet Anne. We had a nice afternoon at her place (without axes - see her post for more on this) and she gave me this adorable mini to take home with me. It already has a place of honor on the sewing/guest room wall. (More on the guest room below.) Thanks, Anne!

I was also able to meet up with Kate while in London. We had a lovely afternoon out with her kids at the V&A. Kate and I both participated in Barbara's bag swap and she had a surprise for me when we met - she was the one who made me a bag! As you can see below, she tucked in a few treats, as well. Thanks, Kate! Her DD2 also drew me an adorable smiling hedgehog, now hanging on my fridge. Purple seems to be my color this season! Hope I might be able to see both Kate and Anne again next year when I'm in the neighborhood!

A little of the touristy bits (although I was terrible at remembering to get my camera out). Here's the catherdral in Exeter (location of the work bit - the university, not the cathedral itself).

We stayed outside Exeter in the village of Broadclyst. These were our neighbors.

Another stop on my quick London itinerary, the From Russia exhibit at the Royal Academy. Definitely worth the queues. So much so, that I bought the exhibit catalog. I was really lucky with timing, as it closes this weekend!

Now, about my guest room... A friend just arrived this evening for a visit and she came with a suitcase full of treasures. Many of the fabric variety. But they deserve a post (or more) of their very own, so that will have to wait for another day.


jovaliquilts said...

Sounds like a great trip! I've had fun going through blogs of people in the booty swap, and lo and behold there you were with Kate on her blog!

Clare said...

I read Anne's blog yesterday, followed the link to Kate's blog and finally got to put a face to the name.

What did you see at the V&A? Did you know that the Russia exhibition very nearly didn't happen. Something about the rightful owners trying to reclaim their pictures and not letting the authorities show them. I think I've got that right.

Have fun with your guest and playing with fabric.

anne bebbington said...

Glad to see you're home safely, great to meet you - maybe next year the three of us should meet up together - now that would be a logistical challenge

Ruth said...

Looks and sounds like a great trip, and how cool you got to meet up with some bloggers!

Pink and Barbara said...

It looks like you really had a great time! I hope you will come and visit me soon as well;-))

Cascade Lily said...

You have the best souvenirs from your trip! Glad you got to meet up with Anne and Kate :)

Libby said...

Oh how wonderful to visit with friends and see sights, too . . . all with no axes *s*
I would love to return to the V&A - we visited last fall. But is was only a few hours after arriving in London. My eyes were bleary at best and I just felt like I wandered my way through without really taking in what I saw.

Guðrún said...

You managed to do a lot during this trip to UK!