Friday, April 18, 2008

Small Finishes, Big Gifts

I promised to show the wonderful gifts my visitor brought, but first, a finish! I've been putting off re-covering my ironing board cover for months. I wish I'd taken a before picture, but on the other hand, I'm not sure I could have brought myself to post the photo here, so here's the after photo:

I've used this blue and white fabric for at least one baby quilt backing and there's still plenty left. It was a steal at $0.50 a yard! I had another small finish today, too, but I'll post a photo of that after it arrives on the other side of the Atlantic.

OK, on to the goodies! My friend who's visiting lived in Ghana for two years and is now living in Syria. She's been lugging around this gorgeous fabric gift from Ghana for a while now and it was SO worth the wait!! I love the elephants and monkey and the graduated colors of some of the prints. They are made with wax stamps in a batik-like process. I can't wait to make something of them, but am feeling a bit paralyzed because they're so precious. I might start out with something tiny.

My visitor's here for some general R&R and the weather has really been cooperating so far! She's also here for a quilting retreat - she was my first quilting "student" (I've had two) back when we were both living in Romania and her goal is to finish her second quilt (a baby quilt) during her stay in Vaasa. I'll post photos of her gorgeous (very un-me) fabrics and the gift she brought me from Syria tomorrow!


Deb said...

Boy, you've been a busy girl! The heart quilt is very cute! And those fabrics your friend brought you are gorgeous! I'd have a hard time cutting into them too!

Has spring come to Finland yet? Summer is here in south Florida, but it always is, so.... good fore sailing though.

anne bebbington said...

Lovely fabrics - especially like the monkeys and the elephants - sounds like a fun technique to try out at home :o))

Ruth said...

OOh - those fabrics are stunning!!

Debby said...

I want to be your third quilting student. Just looking at the fabric makes me want to learn to quilt. Come to Tennessee to teach me. Nice green trees here now, plus tulips, dogwoods, and cherry trees blossoming.

Guðrún said...

Those fabrics are so special.