Monday, November 03, 2008

Quick Update

Here's a quick update on some current knitting and quilting exploits:

Socks in progress (a pattern I bought in Germany, windowpanes with yarn purchased at Stundars, and my first attempt at a toe-up sock - notice the cool wooden needle holders I got from my neighbor's mom last week!)

A finished scarf using this great pattern, I think it would look great in a self-striping yarn.

The September 6-12" mini received from Eggmoney for the mushroom/owl theme, complete with adorable homemade notecards! Thanks, Eggmoney!!

And finally a sneak peek at one of my (somewhat late) October 6-12" mini (out-of-the-box theme).

I'll leave you with a few more photos from my recent visit to Freiburg, nestled in the southwest corner of Germany, between the Black Forest, Switzerland, and France.


Guðrún said...

I like what I can see of your mini quilt.

Ruth's Place said...

Love your wooden point protectors, and the quilt with the toadstools is adorable.

I gave you an award on my blog. Don't feel obligated to play along.

Gina said...

love the photos.

love and hugs GIna xxx

Lynn said...

You do beautiful color work on your socks. I have been wanting to do toe up socks. I tried them but was not happy with the bind off. I want to try that bind off with the needle technique for a stretchy bind off. I am eager to hear how you like the technique. I am working on a pair for my son now and I am afraid I will run out of yarn before I get to the toe... Toe up would be great in cases like this.