Friday, June 26, 2009

A Few More Sources of Inspiration

I'm heading back home to Finland this weekend after a nice, but rainy stay in southern Germany. Here are a few more photos I've taken to inspire future quilts. The photo above is from the outside of the newly opened Brandhorst Museum in Munich. (The inside of the museum is even more fabulous than the architecture, especially the room designs for works of Cy Twombly.) Below, two shots from Walhalla, near Regensburg.

There has also been some knitting... (more details on Ravelry)

Looking forward to the light nights awaiting me up north!


Andrea said...

What a fantastic building. I love seeing your design inspirations!

anne bebbington said...

I just love that marble frieze - what beautiful shapes and motifs

Cher said...

love the outside of that building..thanks for sharing

Clare said...

The outside of that building is truly inspiration.

Do you remember taking those photos in Brantôme and we both said "Anne!". Have you still got them?