Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Since I was in Finland most of the summer this year, I planted some tomatoes on my balcony. Slowly, but surely, they're ripening. Unfortunately, there's no room for cucumber plants, but I did buy some and gave pickle-making a try for the first time. I tried two different recipes for Claussen-like pickles (they are one thing I really miss here) and tried an Estonian friend's mom's recipe, too. In a month or two I'm going to have a little pickle party to see how my experiments turned out!

I'll have some quilt content tomorrow, especially if the weather cooperates for an outdoor photo!


Andrea said...

Hope your pickles are a smashing success....sans any actual smashing of course.

Tanya said...

I wish I'd get up the gumption to make some dill pickles. I've got the cucumbers but they only get turned into regular Japanese pickles which are a bit salty for my tastes. I wish I could join your pickle tasting party too!

katelnorth said...

I'd love to know if they do turn out like Claussen dill pickles, which I also miss (once in a while I can find Vlassic in import shops, but not the Claussen kind, which I like the best) - if they are successful, that's a recipe I'll be needing!