Friday, August 21, 2009


It seems to be the season for give-aways! I was very lucky to win one celebrating four years of blogging at Knit One Quilt Too. It's one of my favorite blogs. Thanks, Kristin! I love the way the little house is smiling at me. :)

Speaking of give-aways, don't forget to leave a comment on Wednesday's post below before tomorrow morning Finland time to win one of my three small third anniversary prizes!

In terms of sewing, I've just managed to do a lot of loops this week - on a UFO and on the Zoo Animals. That sore throat from last weekend has lingered, but I'm determined that it won't ruin another weekend/week! Photos of the flip side of this quilt soon!


Karen said...

That house really is smiling at you! Cute.

PJS said...

beautiful giveaway prize you won, that little house is gorgeous.

Do you have a separate sewing machine for doing your actual quilting like the loops you have done on the UFO or do you manage with the ordinary machine?

Ruth's Place said...

What a lovely prize, that house is really cute.

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Glad you enjoyed your prize! I didn't even see the smile in the house until now, but you're right. I had so much fun shopping for your goodies. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric!
Happy Quilting!