Monday, September 04, 2006

Coasters After All

I wasn't going to make the coasters, but then I was surfing around and found this easy coaster idea from Pearl Bee. I used what I cut off the edges of the back after quilting and found I did have enough scraps after all! I used the pale green striped binding fabric for the backs. Each is quilted differently - one free motion with a spiral, one with zig-zag stitch, another with a cute leaf stitch on my Bernina, and the last one in the ditch.

Here are the Iitalla mugs and the teas together with the coasters.

I even went to the Posti today and bought a box, so hopefully if I mail it tomorrow, it will arrive in time for the wedding. Yay!


Cynthia said...

good for you making the coasters. I think the whole wedding gift is great. Well done.

Sweet P said...

Thanks for responding to my blog. I just found yours and have started reading it. I look forward to keeping up with you.

Your Wedding Quilt and gift are great.