Friday, September 08, 2006

Quilts for Leukemia

Clare over at Dordogne Quilter is trying to start up a small project to raise awareness for a UK-based leukemia research charity by collecting quilts and/or individual blocks (she'll put them together) for donation. I thought I'd help her spread the word!

Interested? Would you be willing to make one (or more) 8" block(s) (design of your choice) from red and white fabrics and then to send them off to Clare in Dordogne, France? Head on over to her blog for more information!


Clare said...

Thanks Jen - that's really really kind of you.

Clare x

nicole_istanbul said...

Smiling Hello from Istanbul:)
Yes, I am also interested in making Blocks for Clare in Dordogne, France. I heartfully support all kind works to be done for charity. I will be honored if I can make any help for them with my Blocks. Thank you sooo much for the info:)

Istanbul / Turkey.