Friday, June 13, 2008

Mail Call!

First of all, I've been remiss in thanking Dot for the fabric she sent me in exchange for some Finnish fabric. I'm excited to make some more of my butterflies and have seen some real ones in the yard recently. Thanks again, Dot!

The fabric is keeping my Tikka warm at the moment. On that front, I've found a bobbin - just a few more parts to hunt down!

The second treasure that's recently arrived in the mail is my summer apron swap apron! Ritva doesn't have a blog, but her work is gorgeous. She's used vintage linens and new fabrics and the embroidered flowers are just beautiful. The swap requirements this time were to include a dishtowel and she made hers from a vintage pillow case with three strips of the fabrics used in the apron. It's extra long so I can tuck it through the ties of the apron. I'm not sure my photos do it justice and I'm really not sure I can use it for actual cooking!

Here's the apron I sent to my partner in Estonia (still waiting to hear that it's arrived). I hope she likes it! The lavender is a shirting stripe I found as a remnant, the green blobs are frogs, it's reversible, and that's a double pocket at the bottom. I'm afraid it looks a little blah in comparison to the one I received, but hopefully she won't be afraid to wipe chocolatey hands on it!

And finally, here's the apron I sent to Lucy, who organized the swap, as a donation. It's made from an orphan block (I definitely want to make more of these wonky blocks, but in a different color scheme) and leftover curtain fabric, with some olives to tie it all together (and to keep it from looking too Christmassy).


Karol-Ann said...

All the aprons are lovely, but I particularily like the colours and the design of your star one! Just gorgeous!!

Egater said...

Now I let you know, that I got my new lovely apron two days ago :) I didn't want to say it before I have time to post it in my blog.
Thank You so much!!! I love colors and frog-motifs.
And...I have been reading Your blog some time now, and I love Your works!

Guðrún said...

I think you did a great job on those aprons.