Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blueberries, Updates, Gee's Bend, and Gaudi (Whew!)

I had some fun this weekend making blueberry jam, but there was a blueberry explosion! I'm still cleaning it up - blueberries on the floor, the ceiling... I guess I had the heat up too high! This morning I'm tackling blueberry muffins. It seems safer.

Quick updates on two ongoing projects: The Tea Trip Around the World is coming along. It's not exactly my colors, but I know that my friend will like them. It's quick and easy using Bonnie's awesome instructions. I see that Andrea caught the bug, too! I'm going to play around with the back of The Trip to personalize it - more to come on that experiment!

The Color Purple top is finished, but I'm lacking quilting inspiration. Suggestions for an advanced beginner machine quilter? Also, a friend just had a little girl in Massachusetts and she will be the recipient of this quilt!

I see people posting the new Gee's Bend stamps. I'm excited to get some, although I can't exactly use them everyday from Finland! I saw the exhibit last summer at the MFA in Boston and my mom picked up these magnets for me and stuck them in my Christmas stocking. They were made by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston for the exhibit. For those of you who haven't seen it yet - or who want to catch it again, here's the upcoming tour schedule:

Indianapolis Museum of Art, October 8 — December 31, 2006
Orlando Museum of Art, January 28 — May 13, 2007
The Walters Art Museum (Baltimore), June 17 — August 26, 2007
Tacoma Museum of Art, September 22 — December 9, 2007
The Speed Art Museum (Louisville), December 23, 2007 — March 16, 2008
Denver Museum of Art, April 13 — July 6, 2008
Philadelphia Museum of Art, August 2 — October 2, 2008

The circular magnets in the picture are from Barcelona. I was so inspired by the colors and shapes in Gaudi's mosaic work all over that great city. Here are a few photos from my trip last spring:


Dawn said...

Oh the trip around the world is coming along wonderfully! I love it! And your pictures from Barcelona are really fun. Oh and that purple quilt is going to be wonderful for that new little girl. As for quilting it, wow, I never thought about a quilting pattern for that block. Hopefully someone will have a good idea. But the top is gorgeous so far.

Cynthia said...

good to see you making some progress on your Trip Around The World quilt. And that purple quilt is just beautiful. Have no idea how you could quilt it..sorry.

Libby said...

The Tea Trip is coming along nicely and the purple quilt will be a perfect gift for baby. Thanks for sharing your Spain photos. I have never been to Spain (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) but in blogland, I can go anywhere *s*

Linda_J said...

The easiest though not terribly exciting way to quilt the purple one---stitch in the ditch to lock in the blocks on all the verticals and horizontals. Maybe diagonal lines through the pearls. Very pretty quilt---not sure how I missed that you had updated.

Lots to see and read--those mosaics are gorgeous. Love those round things on the roof that look like giant beads.

floribunda said...

the Gee's Bend exhibit is in San Francisco now, and DH and I are going in to see it tomorrow -- can't wait! I loved the Gaudi mosaics, too, but didn't take all those great photos like yours. Your quilts are looking great. I don't have any good ideas for quilting the purple one, but would love to see it when it's done