Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Citrus Zipper Quilt is Done!

Last night I finished this sunny baby quilt for H.E.T. well before her first birthday in January. I ran out of the orange thread and had to finish up the binding with the pink from citrus quilt #2, but hopefully if my stitching is ok, no one will ever know!

Update on another Modern Quilt Workshop piece... I like my two color smaller version of love beads (6.5" rather than 8.5"), but I HATE machine quilting it! I've decided that I only like machine quilting when I can work from edge to edge! After my reluctance with the zipper quilting, I've decided that maybe these MQW quilts really need to be densely quilted for the full effect, so I'm making a 1" diagonal grid on the green background, then I'll tackle the beads themselves!


Tonya R said...

Jen, I LOVE your citrus baby quilts. They are so fun and bright and definitely in some of my favorite bright colors. Great job.

Welcome to blogging! You've got loading pictures figured out,which is the hard part. Now start leaving comments so folks know you're here!

The Calico Cat said...

OOOO nice Zipper - almost makes me want to do another...