Friday, August 25, 2006


What kind of thread do people use for machine quilting?

For my first few attempts, I used the same poly thread I piece with. Then I moved on to YLI cotton quilting thread (I especially like the varigated ones - more on the spool than on the quilts, actually.)

Then last summer I took a class at Maine Quilts with Kathy Sandbach. She suggested Aurifil, in part because it's thinner than the YLI, so I've also given that a try.

I like the Aurifil because more fits on my bobbin and I don't have to change that as often (I'm still getting the free motion thing down), but I like the thickness of the YLI because it stands out more.

Just wondering what other people use. Also, since I'm far from my LQS (or at least a somewhat affordable one by US standards), any tips on online machine quilting thread sources?


This blogging thing is so great! It's only been a week and I've heard so many kind words and found so many sources of inspiration out there. The only problem is that it is a bit addictive! (And as May Britt said, maybe there are too many ideas out there? When will we ever find the time?!)


Libby said...

I like using Aurifil, also. More importantly, it seems to please my machine *s* The online store I was purchasing from no longer carries this brand. I have a pretty good stash from when they discontinued and have been surfing around to see it there is another dealer out there that offers a good selection and price.

Leah S said...

I'm an Aurifil user myself. I love how much fits onto the bobbins. I was using the Love to Quilt site, but are stopped selling Aurifil.

When I get low on my stash, I'm gonna try Essential Threads. They're fairly new, so I haven't heard too many reviews yet, but I'm willing to give them a try, especially as such a nice price. My machine still gets a bit linty, even with Aurifil, so I'm learning not to make such a big deal, but merely try to brush clean every time I change the bobbin and to oil clean every time I change the needle (about every 3 bobbins).

Dawn said...

As I"m browsing through I noticed your question on threads. I swear by the Aurofil. It really hides little mistakes and holds up well and as you already found out it fills more on a bobbin!

Tonya R said... is a great online source for fabric and thread. Looks like they carry your aurifil too.

Miriam said...

i like to use sulky rayon threads on my art quilts, and sulky cotton blendables in bed quilts. (caution: the thicker 12 weight creates alot of linti love the way the rayon looks and shimmers, but i'm worried it wouldn't hold up to washings. plus i read somewhere that one should never use anything but cotton on cotton fabrics, as they can, over (alot of) time, tear the fabric.