Monday, June 18, 2007

Quilts for Leukemia

Jenni (Fairybread Quilts) and I have been talking with Clare (Dordogne Quilter) about organising a way for people to help out with the batting and backing needed to finish the Quilts for Leukemia quilts. People have been so generous in donating blocks that we thought we might request a little more generosity from those who are able. Of course, the blocks are still more than welcome contributions!

After exploring several options, it seems that purchasing gift certificates from
Quilter's Quarter, an online store in the US, and emailing them to Clare, is the best option. Quilter's Quarter accepts PayPal (and credit cards, of course), and we agreed that quilters, if they were able to donate, could be confident that their donation would go toward quilting supplies and not toward a bottle of wine! (After all, Clare does live in France!)

There is a US$10 Gift Certificate, but if you'd rather donate less, we hope that Quilter's Quarter might be willing to accommodate a combined payment from 2 quilters. Jenni is hopeful that this might be possible given their positive responses to her inquiries. She has regularly bought fabric from them and says they have been very reliable about shipping to Australia.

Please don't feel any pressure to donate. If you haven't been to
Clare's Quilts4Leukaemia blog, please have a look. The young people that she has made quilts for have been very grateful to receive them, and many have blogs where you can follow their progress.

Thanks for considering helping out (and just for reading this far)! For Clare's email address please visit her blog profile. She will give you her snail mail address which is required by the store when purchasing gift certificates. If you're interested in donating actual batting or backing fabric, just contact Clare and she will let you know where in the world to send it (some of the quilting is being done by others who have volunteered).


Guðrún said...

As I said to Jenni I am going to see what I can do.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thanks for the information on how we can all help.