Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lappvärk Log Cabins

Lappvärk here in Vaasa has been working on a few donation projects, including this blue log cabin to a local women's shelter (hej, Lilian!). Everyone made a few blocks, then took home enough blocks to sew them into a row, and I volunteered to sew the rows together.

I realized that I never posted photos of our Lappvärk exhibition back in May, so here's my first attempt at embedding a photo album in my blog. The last one is mine and is now hanging on my mom's office wall.

(Lappvärk is the name of the Swedish-speaking quilt group here in Vaasa. A lapp is a patch and värk is an ache - it's a play on the word lappverk, meaning patchwork.)

Thanks to everyone who commented about my red and yellow string quilt and for the tips about safe pens/markers to use for labels. I really appreciate it!


dot said...

The exhibition was great. All wonderful quilts. Looks like your quilting is Finland is going along greatly. Enjoy your day.

loulee1 said...

Love the slide show, there are some beautiful quilts there.

de vliegende koe said...

I love the blue log-cabin quilt! And the photos of the exhibition. Some wonderful quilts!!

Libby said...

wow - thanks for the great slide show. Love the new log cabin *s*

Cascade Lily said...

The log cabin looks great in blues!

And your slideshow was great - wow the 'corset' or whatever it is is really quite amazing! And I remember you making your mum's quilt too. :)

Guðrún said...

Your quilt at the exhibition is beautiful, isn´t it a lot of work, it seems complicated.