Monday, July 20, 2009

Strawberries of a Different Kind

(MOM, if you're reading this, avert your eyes! My mom recently found my blog by googling the Swiss Quilt Festival! Or so she says...)

After all the jam making, I've moved on to strawberries of another kind. These two blocks are for a simple quilt for my mom. She chose the pattern and the fabrics a couple of years ago and I'm sure she thinks I'll never get it done. I'm hoping to surprise her with it in December! I have another strawberry project brewing, too, inspired by these minis from last summer. July is flying by too quickly!

I'm also waiting impatiently for the arrival of my Spring Fling Round Robin quilt and for the arrival of the quilts I worked on so that I can post photos of them, as well as for confirmation of the recipient of the next Q4L quilt, so that I can add the label, wash it, and photograph it before sending it off. More quilty content to come!

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Clare said...

Oh god - sorry! Computer problems (read ^_)!/"** connection problems). Send it to Spiderman.