Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finlands Största Loppis!

Since I've spent most of the summer here in and around Vaasa, I've enjoyed visiting several charity shops/flea markets/yard sales. Yesterday I traveled 75km north with two friends to Finland's largest flea market, Juthbackamarknaden, held in August every year in Nykarleby. I was tempted to add to my collection of plates (mostly Arabia)... I found two more of the small plates in the photo - I already had four at home. The white plates with red rim looked so cute with the small ones, so now I have six of those, too, plus an oval platter to match. The cream and sugar set is also Arabia, more modern, with red and light blue stripes. The covered container on the left is from Czechoslovakia, too cute to pass up, and priced to move since it wasn't Arabia!

För ni som förstår svenska, här finns en liten radiopjäs om Juthbackamarknaden det här året.

On the sewing front, I'm working on bindings. They don't make for very exciting photos. Here's one of the back to give a sense of the quilting on the Summer Berries quilt. I'm hoping to put a label on it today!


Katherine said...

Pretty plates!
Love the close-up of your quilting - it's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Das sieht wunderschön aus! Und nach meinen ersten Versuchen kann ich sagen: das ist wirklich eine Kunst! Glückwunsch! :-)

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