Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Only a Minor Setback

I wanted to start my day today by sewing together the final Summer Berries blocks, but almost as soon as I started, my iron sputtered and let off a burning smell. I suppose it had a good run - almost 8 years, purchased in Romania in 2003. I headed downtown, and a few hours later I returned home with a shiny new iron. The cord is shorter than my old one, but otherwise I'm please so far with my new Tefal iron.

This was only a minor setback, though, and I now have a finished top! It's 84"x84", made up of 49 36-patch squares. (The photo is from before I sewed the blocks together, but it is the final layout.) I hope to start pin-basting it tomorrow!


Brenda said...

I have a Tfal iron and I like it very much. Your berry quilt is great. how are you going to quilt it?

Candace said...

Your quilt looks great. You had better luck than I did with your iron. I got one in Feb-Mar and mine gave out yesterday. Luckily I had a spare.