Sunday, August 07, 2011

Four More Berry Blocks

I have four more of my Summer Berries blocks now, thanks to fabric my mom tracked down at Maine Quilts. Still aiming for 49 blocks in all.

Here's an updated photo of the project I've been working on with two friends as a retirement gift for one of our colleagues. The photo was taken while on our weekly summer knitting/crocheting picnic (knitnic/cricnic). We're still going to do a few rounds of the aqua yarn that joins the squares around the outer edge. These are the same two friends involved with the annual knitting/crocheting challenge (9 pairs of socks in 2009, 10 pairs of mittens in 2010, 11 scarves/shawls in 2011). We're considering 12 projects made (mostly) of modular crocheted units in 2012. Catchy name, eh?

It's hard not to post photos of the Christmas presents I've been working on. Here's a little peak at something:

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