Saturday, May 19, 2007

Letters on a String

There is a great choir festival going on in Vaasa at the moment and last night I went to hear The Real Group, a Swedish a cappella group. I particularly liked the song 'Words' including the line 'words, a letter and a letter on a string'.

Here are some 'words' created by stringing a letter and a letter on a thread. If it's hard to see, the letters read OANAMI. This will be on the back of the wedding gift walling hanging I've been working on this week: her name is Oana, his nickname is Nami (can't take credit for combining their names like this, though).

I did something similar on another small wedding gift last fall.

Thanks again to Tonya for the letter tutorial!


Libby said...

You just never know where you will find inspiration. The group sounds very interesting. I'll have to go back and read more about them . . .take a listen, too *s*

Tonya R said...

very fun - wonderful wedding present touch. I see that it's only 61 degrees farenheit there. I don't know what it is here, but it's definitely much warmer than that. Already making me worry about how hot the summer is going to be.