Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pot Tree

No, not that kind of pot.

Totally unquilt-related, but these recent photos from Starfishy and from Sew Catherine reminded me of the photo below.

I know it I took this somewhere in the Romanian region of Maramureş around Easter 2004 and I have a vague memory of it traditionally serving as a eligibility advertisement/dowry indicator of sorts.

Maramureş is really a beautiful place. While it's easy for me to idealize the pastoral life (often with 19th century technology), life is hard in Maramureş. Despite this, there is a real joie de vivre. The county capital, Baia Mare, has the coolest public library I visited in Romania (I am the daughter of a librarian). Even better evidence - the town of Săpânța is home to the Happy/Merry Cemetery. I've combined a few of my favorite 'headstones' in the collage below - they are all painted on carved wood. (With this collage, I ended up making this post a little quilty, right? There are several sewing and fiber-related images in there!)


anne bebbington said...

Those gravestones are beautiful - why are ours so boring?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That's amazing... I had never thought of incorporating a sewing machine on my headstone... until now! Great post, pot tree and all!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Look at the work in those blocks!
Loving your flowers as well, Tracey

Tonya R said...

Those headstones are amazing. I wonder if they have a problem with people stealing them - they are gorgeous folk art. That pot tree would be rather embarassing to have in the yard - I love how it looks but not the meaning.

Lily said...

Loving the headstone that is a bartender serving a drink!!

Alexandra said...

It amazes me that it has been a while sice I have visited your blog, and when I checked it out today I've discovered your post about Romania. I believe this is a meaningful coincidence.
I have invited you once to check out Peticelul Romanesc blogspot, at that time we were at the beginning, now one could really find nice quilting and other textile pieces there.
And maybe we become friends.
I appreciate alot your style and works.
See you soon
Alexandra / Peticelul Romanesc

Sewcatherine said...

I love the enameled pots. Maybe the woman is a collector and is just looking for a unique way to show off some really great colors and shapes!!